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Hey! Come join us at the New Autostraddle. No judging -- 'cause it's still being put together and right now is totally insane and mostly just L Word stuff [obvs that'll change Big Time Really Soon]. But! Right now if you go there you can read our kick-ass list of the Top 15 Best L Word Sex Scenes of all time -- it's too hot, basically. Too hot.

Be sure to follow @thusspokejenny and friends on twitter tonight by keyword lcast Check out also @betteporter, @mama_ti, @itsjustshane, @helena_uk, @call_me_max are gonna have a lot of feelings!

Also follow the Autostraddle crew: @autowin, @a_ex, @carlytron, @Misshaviland, @aleximelvin and @robinshoots.

A post-show Autostraddle podcast will go up tonight and the recap shortly thereafter, we hope.

So come check it out! Once we get the finishing touches up, we'll start messing with re-directs and permalinks and all that. For now, just relish in our amateurism.

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Auto-Straddle is where Autowin indulges her guilty pleasures -- The L Word, South of Nowhere, and other queer pop culture.

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