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Hey lesbos and lesbo-allies! You know that show Lezberado that Showtime does online? It's like this girl, and she talks crazy about The L Word and herself, etc. Well, the old Lezberado is on the lam for killing a mobster's wife, throwing Jenny in the pool, poisoning Mr. Piddles and announcing at a press conference that she could fly. So they had to find someone new. Do you like how I'm making this intro paragraph as long as possible? It's 'cause I just had four shots of espresso and I'm in Los Angeles with Haviland and! also. also. also.

It's me!


  1. laura said...

    i wish they would have played "tina masturbates" in the background instead.
    you were ravishing.  

  2. Vashti said...

    You're really movin' up in the webbernet arena. It's awesome!

    Sidenote: if you think you look like a muppet, you should meet my comp lit professor who looks just like Telly Monster from Seasame Street only, um, scholarly [?]. And, well, then there's my high school French teacher who looks exactly like Big Bird/Andrew Jackson.  

  3. saint modesto said...

    Someone should hang your drawings in the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa. Or you could sell them on ebay and make millions!  

  4. Anonymous said...

    I have heard they are going to auction off all of the set contents of the L-Word! Check it out at  

  5. luvtub said...

    Wow - congrats on making the Top 20 on YouTube's Most Viewed Today. Col' breakin' thru da Blogosphere!  

  6. Oo Lynnie oO said...

    maybe i should hire you to make videos making fun of me? sweet! thats what this is maybe?

    word veri = nomolli = nom molly = thats what shane does  

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