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[UPDATE 1.14.09 - watch me & Tink on AfterEllen in the latest episode of "Alexi's Closet"!] How's everyone feeling on the edge of their seats? Shane Shane Shane. Jenny Jenny Jenny. Kill kill kill. [Sooo anyhow this summer I was editing this video using a twitter graphic as a time-framing device and thought omg, I'm gonna do L Word Recap Foreplay with fake twitters for Season Six! Then I saw AfterEllen's new "If The L Word was on Facebook" segment -- which's, p.s. -- AMAZING, you must must read it -- and thought, waaaa! maybe the twitter idea is too similar to that. But um, I couldn't think of anything else to do for a pre-cap, and ultimately ... I've thought it over inside out and concluded that they are totally different ideas and I'm doing it so tell me what you think ...]

Welcome! to the First L Word Recap Foreplay Session. Remember also when you're at the edges of your seat that there's gonna be like an even more exciting Autostraddle experience coming to you starting next week for reals. So you might just want to sit on the floor. I like sitting on the floor, personally.

In the future, The L Word Twitter Foreplay will (ideally) be posted 24-48 hours before the episode airs, but this week, since everyone's already cheated and watched the premiere online, it's a little early. Special gift from Jewish Santa, who's nicer than your typical mall santa.

Although actual twitter is read bottom to top, that's way too difficult to read. So this is just done in normal reading order. For those of you unfamiliar with the beauty & destruction that is twitter -- the Twitter FAQ breaks it down. "@" is used to indicate you're responding to, talking to or referring to a specific other twitter user, an " #" is used to indicate key search terms -- #lezgirls would make it easier for someone searching twitter for lez girls dirt to find it in your feed. There's a 140 character limit to each post.

Also it's important to note that twitter can be updated from any mobile device, which is obvs what's happening when all these ladies are out and about.

Episode 601 - Long Night's Journey Into Day - on Twitter



Recap drops Sunday, killers!


  1. caitlinmae said...

    you are unbelievable.
    90000 lols.  

  2. a;ex said...

    Maybe I'm biased cause I heart twitter but umm... AMAZING. omfgLOLZrofl so amazing.  

  3. Vashti said...

    Lol-ometer is through the roof. I love twitter and AE's "If The L Word was on Facebook", so really, this is just wonderful. Max's tweets are hilarious. I was hoping for a tweet along the lines of "@QuickFingerTom bought me conditioner for my neck beard today. <333" but oh well. Maybe next time. Also, question, who are @smokingcktl, @marc, and @angelar supposed to be? I assume @angelar is Angela Robinson and @marc is creeper roommate Marc?  

  4. Alexi said...

    That is ridiculously accurate. I found myself wanting to reply to them. Its such a tease! I wanna twitter with the L Word women!!

    yeah anyway i probably won't stop laughing till tomorrow ish.  

  5. carlytron said...

    the attention to detail here is amazing. this is hilars for reals.

    wordver = "undednes"= undeadness? what ilene needs to learn when writing shows, methinks.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    umm can you do these all season?

    of course Tina would use emoticons. nice touch.
    and I loved Bette's throwback to season 1, re: "Why are you so convinced that everybody is sleeping with everybody else?"


    I can't wait for your for real recap!
    I voted for you! twice!  

  7. riese said...

    Yay! I'm so glad everyone likes it! and thanks for the voting tooo. I've been seriously bonding with photoshop tonight.

    Vashti - the smoking cocktail..  

  8. stef said...

    i look forwards to adele's twitter. also, gabby deveaux.  

  9. laura said...

    pahahaha x a lot.

    twittering tegan and sara lyrics and then responding with more tegan and sara lyrics is so gay and unfortunately [fortunately?] so real. art imitates life or something.

    and max. oh baby jesus. genius.

    is "#" a special command that i don't know?  

  10. ray said...

    hahaha the tegan and sara lyrics are too good, fits perectly.. good work  

  11. Anonymous said...

    riese, this is so brill, i want to bring twitter back just so i can talk crazy with them. awesome, awesome job.  

  12. saint modesto said...

    lol x a million. I love Niki's comments "what hiway r we on?" This whole thing is random and brilliant.  

  13. Julie_Gong said...

    idk but this may be funnier than afterellen.  

  14. Anonymous said...

    i LOLd so much!that is brilliant.the tegan&sara lyrics fit perfectly!!!  

  15. Christine said...

    Stumbled here in a dark stupor... laughed my ass off. LOVEloveLOVE the Tegan and Sara refs.  

  16. Alice O'Brien said...

    Love this absolutely brilliant! Love the Helena and Alice tweets.  

  17. Hailey said...

    I love this!!! Great idea!!! U said some have already watched the first episode?? Where, how, i wana c it now 2!!! Please feel free to email me @ and lemme know please.  

  18. Razia said...

    Fucking brill, Riese. Fucking brill.

    Also, thanks for the heads up on the online leak. I needed that hit of drama like nobody's biznasssss  

  19. slicey said...

    Okay, I don't understand Twitter AT ALL, but you really got everyone's voices down pat!

    I love Helena's Brit speak ("reckon"), that Shane quotes T&S, that Jenny is maudlin and dramatic, and mostly that Max says the most random, geeky stuff that no one gives a shit about!  

  20. Mongoose said...

    there needs to be a kit twitter
    i need my daily kittism  

  21. miecky said...

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  23. Anonymous said...

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