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South of Nowhere wasn't on this week, right? I've been moving and moving and moving and moving.

Win The L Word: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD.

"THE L WORD returns to DVD with THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON on October 28th in a collectible 4-disc set. DVD includes all 12 dramatic and deliciously provocative Fifth season episodes from Showtime's successful long-running series featuring all the beauty, chaos and complexities of a group of women who inhabit Los Angeles' lesbian community plus behind-the-scenes special features."

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To win one of 10 DVD box sets, comment below with your favorite auto-straddle moment from Season Five. Copy-paste, copy-paste. Easy as pie. The first ten responders who actually answer the question will totes win, but if you live outside the U.S., you're gonna have to pony up for shipping. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT so I can follow up.

Since I think this giveaway has made the rounds of every major lesbian website in the whole wide world last week and I'm clearly slightly late on the bandwagon, I'm hoping there are still lots of lovely ladies out there just waiting to become auto-winners.


  1. tex said...

    charlie's angels scene, awesome!  

  2. DH said...

    The girls on the Pink Ride (ep 510). My favourite auto-straddle moment of that episode was the audience commentary about who was carrying the tents. It's all I remember from season 5. I don't know if audience commentary counts as a favourite moment. Anywho.  

  3. laura said...

    episode 4 when haviland was convinced that jodi worked for the fbi. that and any time you made fun of jodi talking. so inappropriate and so funny.  

  4. laura said...

    oh hi, email address:  

  5. Anonymous said...

    the "Bev," "Shaun," "Nina," "Helen." "hook-up" from ep. 2

  6. riese said...

    Hey you guys, the contest is the best moment from the recap, not the best moment from the show. Get it right or pay the price, lesbos!

    Thank you to laura and dh for following the rules.  

  7. C.M. said...

    Alex: Is anyone turned on?
    Riese: She had me at "muffins."
    Zoey: "Ladyfingers" is where I went in.
    Riese: "Pie," actually, is where I got snagged.
    Alex: She had me at "pie."  

  8. Jo said...

    I always enjoy the Tegan and Sara song references.

    Also, I remember LOLing at this:

    episode 5.10, RE: Shane's tent from Costco
    Riese: "Maybe she could've saved some money on that $800 bike and $200 Free City t-shirt and $300 pants --"
    Cait: [clearly actually knows] "Those pants cost $385 dollars."
    Riese: "However, getting into those pants? Priceless."  

  9. Colby said...

    from ep 6

    Riese: "It's like Brian Kinney's apartment all of a sudden."
    Haviland: "It's like Carrie and Big!"
    Alex: "Excuse me, I'm trying to watch a sex scene. They're hard to come by."
    Alex: "Get it?"
    Riese: "See what you did there? That's what you do."

    alex always cracks me up.  

  10. Vashti said...

    Does the Season 5 promo vid you make count? Cuz that was golden. Srsly. If not, Imma have to spend hella time rereading the recaps.


  11. Emily said...

    It was almost too difficult to pick one favorite moment, but somehow I managed.

    I think I have to go with the 504 recap when you recorded Kit's voice to scientifically analyze what happens when her voice gets crazy high at the end of sentences. The graphic with the arrow still kills me!

    my email:  

  12. DH said...

    Oh, I didn't cut and paste. I do not have an eagle eye for detail. Here we go:

    Cait: "Where were the tents when they were riding the bikes?
    Riese: "They were with Papi."
    Carly: "Angus and Angelica and Papi are carrying the tent."
    Riese: "There's ten Mexicans behind them with sherpas."
    Cait: "Riese! You can't say things like that on the recap."  

  13. anonymous500 said...

    Ep 8

    Riese: Molly is proccessing already!
    Cait: She's such a lesbian, she has so many feelings already.
    Alex: My number one feeling is intoxication. I cannot proccess this correctly.

    Love it!  

  14. Allie said...

    Ok, so one of my favorite moments--there are lots, you know--is when you imposed the scream mask over Sgt. Bilko/Davis. You know, when she's all being tough in the gym, and Tasha's all, "hey, are you done? I have some sexual angst to alleviate" and the hooded figure turns around, and we're all SHOCKED to see who it is. Love the mask.  

  15. Lez said...

    Too many to count, but I LOL'ed at this:

    London Calling : Peggy, my favorite character on The L Word, thinks she's dying and therefore needs to talk to all her VIPs ASAP, including her daughter Helena. And then, like a bright burst of light through the shadows, Helena exclaims: "Right here, Mummy!" Peggy doesn't like what Helena's wearing. It's very Tom Sawyer, very desert island. Heather, who's missed the entire season, is asking me a lot of questions about why they have different accents.  

  16. Anna said...

    ok, since i live in europe & our dvd formats are different i'm not really hoping for a dvd...
    I just wanted to tell you that there were a lot of funny moments in ur recap!But my favourites are the "titles" of the photos eg.: ep4 Shane-Cocaine is a hell of a drug & ep6 "Also this could really easily be a screenshot of a costume party"  

  17. riese said...

    omg, there's still one more DVD set left for whomever gets on the ball tonight! Maybe more than that or whatever.  

  18. Vashti said...

    Ok so I reread some of the recaps and I'm here to copy and paste! But I want to copy and paste pictures.. So I'll just copy and paste pic links?

    From Ep 508: Natalie's Jodi robe gave me the lulz.

    Hope There's Spaghetti for Molly: The awkward crowd gathers for the Big Feast Where Nothing Good Can Happen. E.g., Jodi's um ... robe? Dress? What can I say? Are there words? Are there "signs"? Is there anything anyone can say in any language that could possibly do justice to this um -- caftan?
    Natalie in her own Jodi-Robe.


    From Ep 510: I basically love your picture captions.

    Tina's gonna get fired if Jenny & Niki are seen together, but Niki says it's not like they're gonna be having sex on the side of the road (I think she'd be surprised what Jenny can do on the side of the road, have you forgotten Honeymoon Roadtrip Season One or Boira/Jenny Stun-Gun Road Trip Season Three?) and anyway, she's got a solution relative to her overall genius: she'll put on her sunglasses, then no-one'll recognize her. See: OMG it's Nikki Stevens! | Who's that?!!

    [Hopefully this will count if my last one didn't.. email:]  

  19. kaydee said...

    I think I'm too late. But still, I laughed for about two years. And continue to quote it (along with everything else you write).

    Then the whole gang goes to Popeye's to find out for real. At least Kit's moved away from gun violence. Then Helena appears, suddenly Kit's her secret BFF. They hug like lady and the tramp, like Zach and Kelly, like Snuffy and Big Bird. Kit explains that Denbo & Cindy bought out the Planet, but that's no big deal 'cause OMG!: "We so missed you, we so missed you!"

    Coffee Talk : Helena tells Kit that Mum's in hospital and Kit asks if she'd like to have some coffee ... y'know -- catch up, since they've actually never spoken before. Helena agrees and adds: "and cookies?" and Kit chuckles, like they've been doing this since they were little rabbits on the prarie OH GIRL Kit remembers how she liked it [the coffee]. I don't know what's more confusing -- Helena's Personality Shift #3 or the fact that this time around, we're meant to believe Kit's been secretly chilling in her Top 8.

    and justincase  

  20. laura said...

    this is just to show you that i know how to cut and paste. and follow rules. because i loved kindergarten a lot a lot.

    Haviland: Did I have a dream that Jodi's not really an artist? That she works for the FBI or something?
    Cait & Alex: What?! WTF?
    Haviland: I'm pretty sure we had this conversation where you said we'd find out in the middle of the season that she wasn't really an artist.
    Riese: OH! I wrote that in my recap blog of the preview, I was kidding. 'Cause I didn't have anything to say, so I just made stuff up.
    Haviland: It's not real?
    Riese: I wrote "Jodi turns out to be an undercover cop who's been investigating Bette for petty larceny fraud possession which's why all of Jodi's art sucked and then they all go to jail with Helena and have hours of hot lesbian sex." With the scene where Bette was blindfolded and stuff.
    Haviland: Really? I was waiting for that to come this season! I was looking forward to it!
    Cait: You were, seriously?
    Alex: Aw, that's adorable.
    Haviland: That would be so much more interesting!
    Riese: I know, wouldn't it? From now on, I'm just gonna take screencaps and tell my own story.
    Haviland: Oh my G-d, you should, that would be so much better, everyone would love that.
    Riese & Cait: No, they wouldn't.
    Haviland: I would. I'd be way more excited about reading the recaps.  

  21. Bren said...

    Heather: Oh wow her hair --
    Riese: Just gets worse and worse.
    Heather: She looks just like John Travolta in Hairspray.
    Riese: She does. She totally does.
    Heather: They should be like, OMG you looked sooooooo good in Hairspray, girl!  

  22. ryon said...

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