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Hello, lesbians and other appreciants of lesbian television. Here we are in the late spring/early summer of our potential content, sans our weekly dose of Finger Lickin' Good Fried Chaiken ... and subsequently, sans recaps of aforementioned extra-crispy juicy terrible/AWESOME teevee delight. I'm still a card-carrying member of Team Honest, so rest assured that the Round-Up I promised will eventually deliver. I started it, so finishing it is defo on the "too much to do list." High. As the sky.

In the meantime, 'til I get my shit together and come back to auto-straddle ... catch me in the off-season at auto-win, check out our Vlogs on youtube (I visited Haviland in L.A. a few weeks ago, so ... fans get your fix with Vlog #23), make cupcakes with your girlfriend or boifriend, surf the world wide webs, dig on OurChart for girls who know how to spell, and perhaps consider literature ... like Shakespeare or Cecily von Ziegesar! Dirty Girls! Or ... Tipping the Velvet? Best book ever, seriously. My favorite gay right now is Eileen Myles. FYI. (From her poem "Dear Andrea": "I love you too / don't fuck up my hair / I can't believe / you almost / fisted me / today.")

Crystal loves me more than she can express in words, and therefore sent me a dyke duck, even though I placed second in the Lesbian Blogger Love Contest. Uh Huh Her loves us more than they can express in words, but they give it a shot in our prize video and look at my new t-shirt! It's very gauzy and sexy, if it came with a tutu I could be like Jenny. Also, like Jenny, I have a lot of feelings and a dog of questionable intent. So. Look out, world.

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