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Once upon a time, I thought that in order to be taken seriously as a journalist, one must posses things like functional equipment, a nice business suit, social skills, serious glasses, etc. But two weeks ago Alex & I went to the Logo New Now Next Awards (a.k.a. the Homosexual Awards) with fake microphones, a tiny handycam, an OMG WTF t-shirt and a stuffed dog named Tinkerbell, and, as the video below attests, actually "interviewed" a number of serious people including Heather Matarazzo (Exes and Ohs, The L Word), Maeve Quinlan (South of Nowhere, 3-Way), Wilson Cruz (Noah's Arc, My So-Called Life, All Over Me), Candis Cayne (Dirty Sexy Money), Michelle Paradise (Exes and Ohs), Heloise and the Savior Faire, The Dazzle Dancers, Michelle Williams, Ari Gold, Billy Eichner (Creation Nation) and Sarah Warn (AfterEllen). Also, Carly was there, so obviously we interviewed her too about VIP issues. In the photo on the upper left, you can see Alex demonstrating her favorite sexual move and Tinkerbell napping in camerawoman Cait's lap. Tink had a really big night, being petted by all these stars. She's still with Littlefoot though, don't worry.

Yes: with our L Word Online-attained press passes and unfailing ability to model through it, we talked to some people, had fun, etc. I tried to learn Final Cut (a video ediitng program for smart people), sorta did, and made these movies so that y'all can LOL at work again and be embarrassed, like the good 'ol days. You know; February, March, etc.

Part One:

Part Two:


  1. Anonymous said...

    that was so amazing you lucky bastards!!  

  2. Anonymous said...

    ps. i want a 'really papi really' tee in men's sizes  

  3. Anonymous said...

    oh, dreamboat carly...sigh  

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