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Go Here to check out our video which we are hoping will win the Grand Prize in this year's SXSW Uh Huh Her contest. Or see it here:

I first saw Uh Huh Her at the Mercury Lounge in August of '07, with Carly, Heather and Haviland. Cait was also at this concert, but I didn't see her there, 'cause we didn't know each other yet. Now we're friends, which just goes to show: Uh Huh Her is the fabric of our lives (and OurChart.) Following the Merc Lounge show, Carly and I ducked into an alley: Carly fed me vodka right out of the bottle, then we proceeded to valiantly talk gibberish to Leisha. Actually, I talked gibberish, Carly mostly came off as very "cool." I said "I'm a guestbian!" like a douchetard.

In December of '07, Alex/Semicolon and I caught the legendary band at the GO NYC Magazine Anniversary party. Also at said party: a girl I knew through my blog who coincidentally was friends with Alex's friends who she met through her other lesbian friend which goes to show AGAIN ... Uh Huh Her is the fabric of our lives.

Now we're entering this contest. I'd like to thank everyone who made this video possible:
Cait and myself, for doing it. And Cait for pushing me to succeed when I wanted to give up 'cause Final Cut is hard. In fact, if Cait hadn't independently plugged on and learned Final Cut kinda ... and then forced me to learn it kinda ... I never would've made it kinda.
B.: For filming almost the whole thing & carrying the camera.
Crystal: For filming, appearing in the video, and actually going to Uh Huh Her shows with us.
Stef: For throwing up in the bar and getting kicked out, 'cause that was really funny.
Carly: For teaching Cait how to use Final Cut and polishing the rough hodgepodge of nonsense I'd put together into a shimmering final project. Following her meeting w/Carly, Cait texted me that Carly had "saved the empire!"
Tinkerbell: For good cheer.
Hey, Girl-With-The-Friend-Whose-Mom's-Couch-is-on-Layaway: I hope everything works out.
Uh Huh Her: for rocking.

Please go here and say you like it, even if you don't. It's just a little white lie. ALSO give us five stars, some douchetard gave us a low ranking, who does that? I've never bothered to give anyone a low rating. Weirdos. You can hate hate hate ... but don't rate!

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