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Hey lesbos and lesbo allies. The recap'll be up by nightfall, but I thought I'd shave twenty minutes off my duties by asking you, the people, for your input on the "quote of the week." Right now I'm thinking Alice, "I will be out of balance if you make me live in this shithole," but I'm not sure if it's a standalone enough to reap the rewards ... or if it is truly the best quote of the episode. Just to refresh -- the quote of the week cannot be a line of dialogue ... it's a quote that's funny enough all by its little self. How many times can I use the word "quote" in this paragraph? If I started talking about the economy, like stocks and bonds, then I could earn a whole new audience share here at Autostraddle. Holla!

Also: our Uh Huh Her video will rock, and 511 was really depressing. Hang on, I've gotta call Bette and tell her I'm in trouble. I'm gonna do something BAD!

Yay! Scooters!


  1. Ms. Jackson said...

    "I hope you bleed soon"

    Brilliant. Perfect delivery. I heart Alice  

  2. Indi said...

    I agree with Ms. Jackson.
    def. the best line.  

  3. Leah said...

    "I hope you bleed soon. I really do."
    Ive already begun using it in my personal life (against my gf so far, but I will work it in there some more soon...)  

  4. Anonymous said...

    "It is our movie- oh, Tina."

    I love MK's insane, dramatic, hilarious delivery.

    The bleed soon one is funny too.

    "What is it that WANT, Adele?" could be the quote of the week, since it was used TWICE in the same scene by Tina (I imagine that it was poor editing and now LH's fault).  

  5. Anonymous said...

    "I hope you bleed soon. I really do." -Alice

    ... wins hands down because it's such a horrific line. I would've slapped Alice upside the head after that nugget.

    And, BTW, I believe the repetition of the "What is it that you want, Adele?" line was intentional; Tina was tired of listening to Adele's little diatribe and just wanted her to cut to the chase. Laurel and Mia 100% rocked this episode, particularly that scene and the "It IS our movie" scene.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    definitely alice's bleed quote. but pretty much anything alice says is ridiculous comic gold.

    and let me just ask this: jesus christ, how many times do they mention pms and menstruation in this fucking episode?  

  7. Stacy said...

    Okay, I know it's not really funny enough to be actual "quote of the week" worthy...but I think "Because they're writing about couples, and we're not a couple" should at least be runner-up...because HALLELUJAH!  

  8. Suzanna said...

    "Breathe through your mouth." -- Shane

    I've said this to my roommate quite a few times since Sunday. And we haven't even had sex! : )  

  9. Sparklezz said...

    DEFINITELY Jodi's comment to Tina that had me crackin up!! It was something along the lines of:

    "Why is she talking to me? Doesn't she know I'm deaf?"



  10. Anonymous said...

    riese you rule  

  11. natalie said...

    i can't wait until you bleed. hands down!  

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