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Carly is under that hood.

There once was a show we called South.
With girls who kissed each other on the mouth.
But now this season
we've been given no reason
to think Aidan is going to come out
I just said that because it rhymed
it is well past recap-due time
But I promise it'll come
as soon as it's done
and probs before Spashley ever make out.
See, that would have rhymed
up there with that other line
Oh well, Saved by the Bell.
Not literally obvs,
I need sleep probs.


  1. Edilma said...

    Hahahaha I think I'm going to be on time this week :D

    By the way, I went to see "Too much light makes the baby go blind" in Chicago and it rocked! They have two very cute girls in the cast ;)  

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