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This week we had quite a crowd! Unfortunately there was probably more sexual energy between members of the viewing audience than between any South of Nowhere characters -- and that's really not saying much. [Angelica was also present, but, per ush, managed to duck out of all photographs.] Also, I was wasted. I can't speak for the other children, though Vicky claimed to've just come from an Interpol concert pre-party, thus her selection of $1.89 JUG of Diet Snapple rather than alcohol. Also, just now (Saturday night) Starr found a black deli bag in my living room containing three full bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade. Which is why I La-La-Love my friends.

The best part was about two hours after the show'd ended, and we were all stoned, and Haviland came over. "You guys are like stoned people in the movies," Starr noted as Vicky, Carly and I devoured an unidentified plate full of delicious sandwiches and laughed so hard that we collapsed onto the floor. One of many jokes we considered to be a highlight of the evening was a joke that started with the focus of this evening's recap: South of Nowhere. This is how it goes.

Carly: "Where's Chelsea? Is she in this episode?"
Me: "Now that she's not pregnant, she's not interesting anymore I guess."
Starr: "Who was pregnant?"
Me: "The black girl, obvs."

We'd recommend inserting "the black girl, obvs" into conversation whenever possible. Just try it. Ask a question and answer it with "the black girl obvs," or else tack it on to the end of another sentence ending in "obvs." E.g., "That's Ryan's tomato sauce, obvs. The black girl, obvs." Or just stick it into conversation, whenever. Then Starr will pop into the room, do Spirit Fingers, and say something that may or may not make you pee in your pants, e.g., "What's up GURL?" or "Whatchu talkin' 'bout?"

E.g., right now (Saturday morning) we're in the living room, discussing the genius of Natasha from Top Model Cycle 8, and Haviland walks in, sees Starr and goes "The black girl, obvs," instead of "Hi." We're all LOLing. Oh, real life. Sometimes; so much funnier than television. On purpose. Or whatever.

1. Are they gonna make out before the end of the season?
2. Why do writers think that talking about being gay is a good substitute for ACTING GAY? What happened to SHOW DON'T TELL?
3. Where's Chelsea?
4. Who do those mini-sandwiches in the fridge belong to? Do you think we could eat them?
5. Is next week the finale, really?

Look Me In the Eyes And Tell Me You Don't Find Me Attractive
Spencer and Ashley enjoy mid-afternoon tea at The Planet. Ashley informs Spencer that, much like Ashley herself, Spencer's drink is an aphrodisiac. Spencer's happy Ashley's shown up for their little date, but Ashley can't stay 'cause she's gotta go be Kyla's handler now that Jake is out of town on a "gig." Srsly, there is nothing about Jake's "career" as an ambiguous blogger that makes sense to me. I'm just glad he won't be in this episode. You know what that means: "handler." HANDLE HER. With her hands. Handling her. Get it? Spencer discovers that Ashley hasn't told Kyla about the record contract yet. How the F did Kyla get so famous from being on this guy's blog? Ashley's in a magazine. We're pretty sure it's called "Asian Beat," and after rewinding and freeze-framing it 30 times, we're no closer to figuring out if that's true or not.

Carly: "She looks like Papi in that hat."
Starr: "Who's Papi?
Me: "Only the best character on the L Word ever."

I don't need to say anything about Ashley's outfit in this scene, I think it speaks quite loudly for itself.

Encircle Me, I Need to Be Taken Down
Spencer drops her coffee and subsequently runs into Patrick; a boy who apparently'd been to the Carlin home for an uncomfortable blind date some other season. Why're people always setting up lesbians with douchetard boys? That guy probably makes straight girls go gay, not the other way around. He invites her to the new Ben Stiller movie. Exciting, we love extraneous irrelevant characters, especially when they're ugly straight guys; also I bet he has a Meet the Parents poster on his wall. Can't she just date Glen or something? Oh wait. NM.

Straight Up Now Tell Me, Is It Gonna Be You and Girls Forever?
Spencer asks about Chelsea; Hey Paula reports that Chelsea is better physically but the scars in her pained heart have not yet healed. Maybe that actress needed a week off or something. Spencer says she's off to the movies with Patrick but it ain't no date, and shows Paula her copy of Teen Beat. Paula's obvs not impressed, her favorite magazine is probably Better Homes and Gardens, which is a pretty good magazine if you like clipping recipes, which I did, back when I was a child and my Mom paid for groceries.

At Least She Hasn't Cut Off All Her Hair And Started Listening to Bitch&Animal, Okay, Paula? Count Your Blessings, Weirdo.
Dear Dad enters as Spencer exits, sees Hey Paula's No-Date-Scorn, and is like "let it be." Have we mentioned that we love him? Probs. 'Cause we do.

Me: "I wonder if they have --"
Carly: "They don't have sex."
Me: "I know, right? He like, rolls over--"
Carly: "He's like, I have a headache--"
Me: "It's just this book."
Also sidenote; I was re-watching this show on Saturday A.M. to take notes for the recap since I was clearly too obliterated to do so on Friday night (my transcription of our dialogue is faulty at best and applies only to those really sitting right next to me with super loud voices. Like, I'm sure Zoey/Chase/Angelica said things, I guess they weren't loud enough.), and Haviland's only comment throughout the entire episode was "Huh, she's hot," re: Hey Paula.


Dude, Do NOT Underestimate the Value of a Good Education from ITT Tech
Aiden's in a post-rejection funk. Madison suggests that Aiden goes to Tulane. My brother went there and he loved it, now he has an engineering degree and works for the Water department in New Orleans, no joke. Madison cites Mardi Gras and Girls Gone Wild as reasons to go [weird], he cites Katrina as a reason not to go. Um, Aiden? Katrina--like, the storm itself? That part is over. Unlike the Girls, which continue to go wild!

[I mean, due to the ridiculousity of the Bush Administration, the effects and devastation of Katrina are far from over for the residents of many of the city's neighborhoods, but Tulane University's students and the campus environs are presently relatively undamaged (40% of their overall neighborhood was flooded, as opposed to 100% of the Ninth and Lower Ninth Ward); Tulane had to cut some departments and stuff, which blows, but the TU area [which is a wealthy neighborhood] ultimately got dealt much less catastrophe than most, and the University remains awesome. The whole first floor of my brother's house got fucked up and his car got ruined, but he had insurance, it's really nothing compared to the suffering of those closer to the water, he's totes humble about it. Why am I still talking about Katrina, um, I guess if we wanted to know about reality we wouldn't be watching this retarded teevee show. You could watch the Spike Lee documentary that Clay's friend allegedly moved to NOLA to work on though. Anyhow, moving on.]

Madison wants Aiden to go to Ego. He's like, I thought you hated Ego. She does, but she loves dancing more than she hates Ego, apparently. That's all ever Madison wants to talk about now is how much she loves to dance. We get it, okay? That's your personality now; you're the girl who loves to dance. You can dance at home, p.s., in your room, I do it all the time. Glen shows up and says he'd also like to go to Ego. I'm starting to feel like Glen quit Sportstime and didn't tell anyone. I haven't seen that smokin' hot polo in weeks.

Zoey: "I like Glen now."
Vicky: "Nooooo ..."
Me: "After he said "Hello, Mr. key card? how could you not love him?"
Carly: "That's true. That was awesome."
Me: "I mean, 'Hello, Mr. Key Card?' and then Chelsea was like -- BANG!"


Heteronormativity Like WHOA

Spencer's on her date with this douchetard. Except she doesn't know it's a date until he pays for the movie, then she starts to wonder. Her blush is really intense, it's like bright pink, like she's a little porcelain doll. She looks so adorable, I'm crossing my fingers they aren't gonna go for a date rape storyline, that'd be super annoying.

Carly: "Oh ... he's gonna do one of those ..."
[Carly does the yawn-reachover]
Me: "TOTALLY. He did pay for the movie."
Carly: "Or he's gonna like, have both of their hands in the popcorn bucket at the same time --"
Vicky: "Oh please, I don't pay for them to have popcorn!'"


Sister, SISTER

Ashley and Kyla head into Ego, where the "stalkeratzzi" just go nuts, obvs, it's the DAVIEESSS GIRLS and one photog asks about "the record deal," and Kyla's like "What record deal?" The black girl, obvs. Is Kyla really famous for a mysterious fashion blog? I would not take advice from her fashion blog, just sayin', and I'm currently wearing Abercrombie sweatpants from 1999 with bleach stains and I cut my own hair. Hasn't Jake tried to have sex with her on camera yet? Never mind, that's like, officially one additional minute of my life spent thinking about Jake the Blogger that he doesn't deserve. Ashely gets pissed at Ethan for leaking the news to the press, and he says they're running out of time to sign the contract. Ashley says there's nothing to sign -- they're a package deal, and she doesn't wanna be a part of Kyla's package.

They start fighting and Kyla's screaming (is she on drugs?) and Kyla says she will talk as loud as she wants but Ashley's like, um, not to me, I have sensitive ears. Then Ashley storms off, and I'm like "What is she -- NOT -- wearing?" I mean, wow, I hope she doesn't step over any um, anything where a big gust of wind could sweep up underneath her and blow her skirt up. Ethan tells her that a week is a lifetime in this business. You know what though? I'd have to say that in fact it isn't. Everyone takes forever to do anything in this business, actually, because they're all so busy doing drugs and catching up on last week's important business.

Me: "Why don't they just make out already?"
Carly: "Or punch each other in the face?"
Me: "And then make out?"

I Find it Hard to Believe We're in Ego
The kids are going to EGO! It's the hottest club in Southern California. Madison runs into our favorite DJ, D.J. Boss, he's left her 18 voice mails and meeting him at Ego is her method to "stop the madness." Another way to stop madness is with psychotropics. Just sayin'. He says he's gonna spin a mix on the dizzle or something.
Aiden: "Bro, this blows, lets roll."
Glen: "No way dude, this is awesome. Check out that Brunette!"
You know, THAT brunette. The only one in the whole club/the entire cast of this show except for Spencer and Hey Paula. I hope it's Papi. The black girl, obvs. Also, Aiden thinks everything blows, so his opinion is officially invalid. He's like the Riese of this show, who always wants to go home.


Look Me in the Eyes And Tell Me You Don't Find Me Attractive. Okey-Dokey. Done and DONE.
Patrick and Spencer, fresh out of the movies, are strolling along the promenade, discussing the film. Spencer found "Bridezilla" to be an only marginally funny cliche.

Carly: "She said 'marginally', a woman after my own heart."

Then Spencer breaks the bad news after he tells her that she's beautiful.
Spencer: "Actually, I'm not attracted to any guy in that way. And nothing is going to happen between us because I'm gay." [read: Stop hitting on me, weirdo! I like eating pussy!]
Patrick: "That's cool." [read: I'm not really interested in your opinion of your sexuality.]
Spencer: "Really?" [read: LIAR!]
Patrick: "Sure, but you have to admit, we had a great time tonight." [read: "You have to admit, this is the best date you've ever had, and is probs going to convert you back to the other side. I mean, that movie? I like, made that movie.]
Spencer: "Yes, as friends, look I've been with guys before --" [read: I'm knockin' it 'cause I tried it, fool!]
Patrick: "Oh, you've never been with me." [read: I'm under this delusion that my cunnilingus skills are superior to anyone else's. Most men believe this about themselves, and I am one of those men. To be fair, most strai/bi women feel the same way about their fellatio skills.]
Spencer: "Patrick, you can't convert me." [read: "Patrick, you can't convert me."]
Patrick: "I wouldn't want to. I'm not into labels. Gay, straight --" [read: "I did NOT just pay for that movie to NOT get laid."/"I'm in deep denial."]
Spencer: "You know, that's the same thing my ex-girlfriend used to say." [read: "My ex-girlfriend also had issues with not understanding the difference between 'reality' and 'the way we'd like things to be. E.g., she wasn't into labels like 'dating' or 'not dating,' etc.'"]
Patrick: "Smart girl." [read: Is she gay? Because if so, I'd like to take her out too. I don't believe in labels, obvs.]
Spencer: "More like, non committal." ["Unlike being gay, which I have committed to."]
Patrick: "It doesn't have to go anywhere. Right where we are is just fine with me." ["As I see 'right here' as a little stop on the way to 'home base.'"]
Spencer: "So are we cool with just friends?" ["I'm gay. You got that, right?"]
Patrick: "Absolutely." ["Absolutely not."]

Carly: He's gonna try to fuck the gay out of her.


If Madison was a Ride, She'd be Space Mountain
Glen and Aiden are surveying the crowd, in particular Madison, who just "loves to dance, that girl, she's crazy!" She's a dancing fool. Huh, did you know that? About Madison and the dancing? Aiden reminds us "she just loves to dance, that girl." I think he's thrilled by the idea of a woman with a hobby and/or interests. Madison puts the 'Havana' in 'Havana Nights.' Glen comments: "The hottest chick in the room, and we've both already been there, done that, bought the t-shirt." If he doesn't like the feeling of already having been there, done that and bought the t-shirt for most of the hot girls at the bar, it is a really good thing he's not a lesbian with a lot of hot lesbian friends. Just sayin'.

Anyhow, Aiden's sorta defensive; "Can you not talk about her like she's a theme park?" Good point, and also, he's basically like, "Dude, I still WEAR that t-shirt and I LOVE IT. It's comfy, obvs."
Ashley and Aiden run into each other. He gives her a sort of hot look and asks if she's okay. She is most defo not okay. She says she needs some fresh air. Usually that's code for "I need a cigarette," but I don't think she smokes. This is The N after all, and there's no room for lung cancer this season, it's almost over.


All You People Want is MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!
Ashley and Aiden attempt to bust that pop stand, but this photographer in a Safari vest wants to know about her fight with Kyla, and take her picture, and then asks her if she has anything on under that dress, then attempts to cop a feel. Is that a Britney reference?

Me: Leave her alone!
Me: She's going through a lot right now!
Carly: She just went through a divorce, SHE'S A HUMAN!
Me: You're lucky she even performed for you bastards!


When Chase came in wearing that hat, I told her that Ashton Kutcher called and she'd been Punk'd.
However, I changed my mind, it's the best hat EVER.

The life of a famous person, wow. The photographer says Ashley's "just a little fame whore." Aiden doesn't care for this, he's like "That's MY whore you're talkin' about, biznatch!" You know what this is? This is called making your dreams into a reality. If you can dream it then you can do it. You go, Aiden! You show him who's boss!

GIRLFIGHT! (Aiden is the only lesbian left on this show, p.s.)

Why's Madison Always Gotta Bring the Sexy Back?
Everyone starts dashing out because they can hear Aiden punch that dude from all the way inside, over the music. Madison's confused--who does she dance with now? Time to go. On her way out with DJ Boss, she's intercepted by Creepy Guy, who's talkin' to Boss about something involving the Fly Girls from "In Living Color" and a car accident.

Carly: Is he talking about Fly Girls? Like, from "In Living Color"?
Me: Totes.
Starr: The black girl obvs.
Me: The black girl OBVS.

So, this dude wants Madison to go on tour with "J.T." We're like "Is he talking about Justin Timberlake?" Cause that's the only J.T we know about -- and lo and behold, he totally IS! Did J.T agree to this? I guess this show's all about suspending disbelief. Because clearly, if this was real life, Spencer and Ashley would be at home having sex, then they'd make some high-calorie content pasta for dinner, and then they'd fight, and then they'd fall asleep angry, or else have sex again, then fall asleep not sure if they should still be angry or not. But here we are in Fantasyland, Madison is going on tour with Justin Timberlake. I wish she was going on tour with Tegan & Sara. I love JT and his music and style obvs, but he's also kind of a douchebag, I learned this from fourfour. He is the best blogger and best recapper of all time.

Gimme. Gimme Gimme. GIMME.

This guy tells him he's crazy. Dude, you are dealing with lesbians here, you're going to have to do better than 'crazy freak.'
Starr: "How is he talking right now? Seriously, how is he talking right now?"
Vicky: "He just got punched in the face!"
Starr: "The fact that he can even speak? I am so not buying this."
Me: "You guys. That wasn't real blood."


No, We Mean Like, a Kevin Costner Style Bodyguard.
Ethan says that if the paparazzi dude agrees to let this go and not sue Aiden [still, wouldn't he have to take it to criminal court first, before civil court?], then he'll give him an exclusive with the Davies girls. It'll be way better than The It-Girl Beat magazine, it'll be like Baby Suri in Vanity Fair. Kyla and Ashley decide they need a bodyguard like in Entourage. That actually doesn't make much sense since Aiden started the fight, but that guy shouldn't've grabbed her dress anyhow. Glen volunteers and is hired on the spot. It's better than Sportstime. So are a lot of things, but anyhow

Ashley decides there's been enough fights for one night, and she'll sign the contract to make this album which'll probs, if the sample we've heard so far is any indication, be the worst album of all time. This whole thing is sort of becoming like "Lez Girls."


Later, If You Wake Up Alive, That Blanket of Sorrow Could Be Feathers and Down
Aiden's in a dark alley, recuperating from his fight so that he can take on Apollo. He's like, listen up, I am going to eat lightning, woman. I mean, he's sad and he starts talking. Also, you guys, I think Vicky has a crush on him, even though she's a total lez. I just think so.
Ashley: "Is this about us?"
Aiden: "No, I don't think it ever was.
Ashley: "Then what's up?"
Aiden: "Ever since the shooting, it's been bad."

Carly: "Ever since the shooting, life has been AWESOME!"
Me: "Ever since the shooting, things have just gotten better and better."
Carly: "I mean, thank God for that AWESOME shooting!"
Me: "The shooting? Best day of my life."

He says he has these dreams and he can't make them stop. That's how dreams work, Aids. No wonder USC didn't let you in. Also, every time he hears anything that sounds like the shooting, he feels like it's happening all over again. Good thing he doesn't live in Planet Harlem. He thought going to USC was the only thing that would make it better. Ashley tells him everything is gonna be okay. Probs not, but whatever.
Then Aiden runs off and Ashley asks him where he's going and he says "I don't know, I'm just goin'."
"Oh man, that's my line. I cannot even count how many times I've done that."
Starr: "Really?"
Me: "Yeah, totes."
Starr: "The black girl, obvs."


Deep Down Inside, Patrick Is Actually a Toad

Patrick asks Spencer not to look at him as a guy, or as a date, but just as a person who likes her.

Me: "Okay, I'm gonna look at you as a person and say that 1997 called and wants their haircut back."
Carly: "Even if you were a lesbian, she wouldn't like you!"

Obvs, she's like, look, sorz, bye, and she dashes inside.

You Know That "Mom/Dad, This is Who I Am!" Scene? This Would Be One of Those.
Spencer asks if Hey Paula's been spying on her. Paula tells Spencer to take her time deciding how she feels about Patrick, because she's sure it's very confusing and Patrick is a very nice guy. Spencer retorts: "All you know is that he is a guy, and at this point, you'd probably settle for any guy, wouldn't you?"

Me: "Where'd she get that nightgown? Kohl's?"
Carly: [JewJersey accent] "It was just so cute!"
Me:[JewJersey accent]"I had to get one in every color!"
Carly: "Are they trying to make up for the lack of lesbian action by having a coming out conversation?"

Spencer: "You think I woke up one morning and decided to myself 'how am I really gonna piss off my Mom today? Oh wait, I think I'll decide to be gay."
Hey Paula: "No--"
Spencer: "Mom, just stop. Don't you think I already know how much easier it would be if I could just like him? I mean, it would be easier for everybody It would make him happy, it would make you happy, it would make my life a hell of a lot easier, but look I can't. I can't be the daughter that you want and I'm tired of feeling guilty for embarrassing you and inconveniencing you."
Vicky: "Oh, come on, you are the hottest most popular girl in school dating the other hot popular girl in school. I'd say things have been pretty okay."

Oh! Dear Dad is here. Carly notes: "I was wondering who that wide shot belonged to and it was him."

Dear Dad is like, Paula, "Listen to me, I'm not about to re-live what we went through with our daughter last year, especially after loosing our son, and if that's where you're going with this, you and I are gonna have a major problem." You know how before we never had sex? Now we're NEVER gonna have sex. Seriously though Paula: 1. There's actually nothing against lesbianism in the bible, p.s., 2. Yeah, you've got enough issues to deal with, obvs. The black girl, obvs. Not like she actually IS dealing with any of those issues, but whatevs.


The Tracks of My Tears

At King High, Aiden is at the indestructible shrine. I don't know what kind of film they shot that photo of Clay with, but that shit must've lived through rainstorms. I mean, it's no Katrina, like what would happen if one were to attend Tulane, but still.

The Round-Up
Lesbian Sexy Moments: ZERO this episode, three total
Papi Fashion Award: Clearly Ashley snagged this one on the first day
Spashley Phone-a-Thon Total: No phone convos this episode, actually.


  1. Anonymous said...

    The black girls, obvs. Ladies! Once again you rock my world. Fellow Michigan grad here. I can't be bothered to register. Excellent recap as always. BTW, it was only the mid-season finale - there are actually 8 eps left after next week's THANKFULLY.

    Oh, dear Ash. Trying to not be self-absorbed, and in first scene says "speaking of sharing, look at this picture OF ME". Classic. Good thing Ash is foine or she would be in serious troubs. This episode was basically a flatline except for Spence's scenes - and some moments with special feelings FOR ME when Ashley showed up at Ego in that DRESS - we were all hoping for a windstorm there.

    Not sure why they brought back Patrick the douchtard. Well said. This ep was particularly plot-driven, more than usual. Um, Spence? Yeah, you're gay, you know you're gay, anyone in the free world would have known that Patrick was asking you on a DATE. Why did she agree to go in the first place? Perplexing.

    So next week it looks like we might get some Spashley booty call before several months of hiatus - Degrassi so not so terrible - but if they end the ep after Ash opens the door to 'wearing nothing under that coat plz JESUS Spencer', I will be SO pissed!  

  2. carlytron said...

    To be fair, I stole "fuck the gay out of her" from a recent episode of Weeds.

    anonymous: WORD on the trenchcoat, we totally called that too. I think I started shouting "YOU GUYS SHE IS NOT WEARING ANYTHING UNDER THAT!"

    Next week had better make up for this week. And the previous week, come to think of it.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    i say we jump on board to re-cap the new seez of degrassi - it has gay people too! also, i TOTALLY said "Hey! - i don't let them get popcorn!" - and I wasn't talking third-person for Aiden. It was a personal revelation.


  4. Madey said...

    After weeks of concentrated resistance, the allure of additional bloggage was such that I finally decided to test the waters of this alleged “South of Nowhere.”

    And, well, I have some bad news for you ladies: This show is not about gay people. I apologize for what must come as a startling revelation, but it seemed callous to ignore the stark truth of the matter. This is a show about a euphorically happy, straight teenager who has had some unfortunate contextual luck while attempting to describe her condition. I’ll admit that this “Spencer” character is in dire need of a Thesaurus, but apart from that, I could not discern even the slightest scent of queerness emanating from her unpunctuated bliss. The fact that you filth-minds have tried to construe this as homosexuality is simply atrocious.

    In fact, if the show is pushing any agenda at all, it is clearly one of polygamous heterosexuality. To cite the myriad examples seems rather condescending, but since your previous attempts at detecting a theme across this show have been such an abject failure, I will go as far as to say that much of it involves that overly pretty boy whose name I’m pretending to forget. How you could have gotten this so wrong is truly beyond me.

    So let’s get real. We have four months until we’re all disappointed by another season of The L Word. I know that seems like an unmanageable stretch of time, but attempting to derive the same elements from a show about rigidly straight polygamists is only going to worsen matters. If anything, I now suspect all of you of being equally straight, and that’s not what anyone wanted, is it?

    I trust that in the future you will be more wary of the purple acid. Thank you for your time.  

  5. riese said...

    anonymous: You said "I can't be bothered." A girl after my own heart. Zoey said "I feel like nothing's really even happened this season" and I was like "I think that actually, a lot has happened, just not to Spashley. It's like all the characters that we don't care about." And she was like 'Totes."


    anon/carly: Obvs in complete agreement about the trenchcoat.


    Carly: here I was, thinkin' you'd been that clever all by yourself. I found out yesterday that we have Showtime which means I can watch Weeds. I feel like it's likely you already knew this even though I didn't.


    Vicky: Fixed. Sorta.

    Degrassi, I think, is doing one better than gay ... TRANNIE this season. Or someone who looks suspiciously trannsexual in the promos. Can't wait!


    maedy: Your comment is better than my blog. I have no words.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    I don't know what the fuck is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a "Mid-season finale"? What the fuck is that?????? It's either a finale or not? no? We don't have those in England. In fact if this show was made in England it would be taken away because people like it. That's what we do.

    Anyway, as always great recap [inset more praise here]

    When is it back on please?  

  7. riese said...

    I think a mid-season finale just means they're going to be on hiatus for a few weeks? I actually don't really know how it works, and I haven't found any easily accessible information on this topic. Maybe they're taking it off to push Degrassi for a little bit? I'm not sure. On imdb there's at least three more episodes slated as part of season 3, including one entitled "Spencer's 18th birthday," which sounds already like quite a treat.  

  8. Edilma said...

    Damn it! I wrote something funny and freaking blogger messed it up, well then...I said the episode sucked but i'm going to watch it anyway. And I said WE should go dance for Tegan & Sara instead of Madison :D


  9. Oo Lynnie oO said...

    im pretty sure after next week it's not coming back til Feb.

    but the "finale" got loose and is already all over the internets, so beware :)  

  10. Bridget said...

    "Straight Up Now Tell Me, Is It Gonna Be You and Girls Forever?"

    i've been singing that all day :)

    good luck tmrw at ur reading - i'll be there with a gaggle of gigglers!  

  11. carlytron said...

    Spencer's 18th Birthday? I keep forgetting how old these characters are supposed to be ... must be all the ALCOHOL consumed at EGO that is throwing me off.  

  12. Anonymous said...

    Random comment but i'm thinking i have found the answer to the ever present question. no, not what the fuck is on glen's face, but close. what the fuck is that key for? well let me tell you- its gotta be the key that makes us wind up. Gwen Stefani definately wrote that song for Glen and his key. just so you know, the mystery is solved  

  13. danzer1986 said...

    what station does south of nowhere cme on?  

  14. riese said...

    It's on "The N."  

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