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Team Awesome has a Super Cool "Living it Out" Related Meeting Super-Soon. We also both work all the time and're often photographed pulling out own hair out. Therefore, we had the BRILL idea to host a post-South of Nowhere Write-a-Thon to accomplish a great deal of things.

So ... it's 12:20 P.M. right now, and I've not slept. Unless Carly's currently dozing en route to Penn Station, I imagine she's also not slept. I look more tired than Carly in these photos. She insists that's 'cause her sunglasses cover her whole face.

Howevs: we did get so much work done, and we did, I believe, watch South of Nowhere and I was at least partially intoxicated for most of it.

[This week's Viewing Team included Carly, Riese, Vicky, Natalie and Star.]

As anyone who received or did not receive an email from me last night can attest, I think I was drunk until about 3 A.M. Around 4 A.M. though, totes productivity happened. So did french fries.

We just went outside and it's actually the brightest day of all time. Also, I think the room is spinning. Also, the recap'll obvs be up later than usual. But I've been super on top of it lately so it won't be like "late-late," just "latER." Which is still not late. Unlike this hour of night. Afternoon. Wheeeeeee.


  1. The Spaz said...

    Team Drunk Girls Who Write is like the best idea ever. Totes jealous.

    I had a great story idea the other day but I'm holding on to it for a while. I'm sort of at that new don't press your luck and scare her off with all that crazy stage with the new girl.

    I am weaning myself off of addiction to the internets (see too much crazy just yet above) and only periodically checking reader by phone until my cell runs out of juice. Also using Singapore Slings.  

  2. riese said...

    Hopefully we'll all be enjoying the fruits of our labor on a screen of some sort some day ...

    I would recommend not weaning yourself away from internets addiction. I think it's good for you [and by "you" I mean "me."] I mean, it's better than being a crack addict, just ask Carly.

    [She hasn't done crack in like, 20 hours.]
    [I mean "ever."]

    It's better than being addicted to crack, just ask your local crack whore. We've got like, 100 on my block alone.

    Back to the internets, back back!

    Do people get scared by "all that crazy"? Fuck. I knew I was going wrong somewhere. Urgh.

    Team Drunk Girls Who Write Holla!  

  3. The Spaz said...

    I will totally drink to fruits of your labour on a screen. Amongst other things.

    People always get scared by the crazy. Its just like too much too soon. I like to introduce it slowly then its already too late and they're attached to me. Haha I kid, I kid. The crazy and the drama are two things I try to avoid in others because I've enough of my own.

    Speaking of crazy, I was invited to the beach tomorrow morning. Why would I want to A) Wake up early on a holiday? B) Go to where there are loud children and screechy birds? C) Willingly be somewhere where old fat men who think they're God's gift to women will be oiled up and clad in speedos? Yeah totes sorry for the visual.  

  4. Edilma said...

    haven't seen the episode, so take your time hahahah.


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