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  1. carlytron said...

    your drawing of glen is so good, it brings a tear to my eye. beautiful.

    do you have any photos left to use in the actual recap? did anything happen in this episode? is the new girl vaguely reminiscent of Blossom? these are the questions I have.  

  2. riese said...


    We took -- I kid you not --

    96 photos.

    That's right.


    96 photographs.

    Of ourselves.  

  3. carlytron said...

    NO WE DID NOT! did we really? there is no way. wow.

    the best part is that like, none of them have anything to do w/ the episode.  

  4. riese said...

    That's not even including all the ones we deleted immediately because they weren't awesome enough (the ones we were left with would suggest we possibly could have been more selective, howevs)!

    I feel like getting drunk has A LOT to do with the episode. And um. The picture! of Glen! Who was IN the episode!  

  5. riese said...

    I mean, hello "get wasted on life"?= get wasted RIGHT NOW.  

  6. carlytron said...

    why does it look like i'm wearing a headband in the last two?  

  7. riese said...

    For all I know, you were?  

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