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Hey ... Ashley? Papi called. She wants her hat back.

You are never too old to drink alcohol out of Solo plastic cups.

Here's the thing about recapping a show that airs on Friday nights: clearly, I'm going out. [Side Note: I wouldn't've ever gotten into SON if I'd been going out every Friday night, obvs ... but I'm in this phase now? Where I'm trying to like, get some air?]

I mean ... who wouldn't want to spend three hours [exaggerating, but HONESTLY] transferring trains five times to go to four different bars, each retarded in it's own special way, only to end up at Around-the-Clock with Carly, Cesar and Matt, eating french fries at 3 A.M.? Aside from Ashley, who's probs wearing her leopard-print bra and watching Aidan sleep? I don't even remember the subject of this sentence anymore. Gramatically. Did I have a point? Hm. Oh yes! Those were really excellent French Fries! Besides, we make the Best of What's Around, holla!

But you know what I learned tonight on South of Nowhere? That even when tragedy strikes, like a drive-by shooting, it is important to find humor in tragedy. [That's what someone said, I don't remember anymore.] Like, that opening scene was kinda funny, when Mama came out of the E.R. with blood all over her scrubs like she'd just slaughtered some goats and sporting those 2002 blonde highlights, all like "Waaa."

Anyhow! The first South of Nowhere recap will be appearing right here [that's right, right HERE] within the next erum ... let's say 48 hours or so. Due to some issues with the A/V hoo-has [that stands for Audio Visual] [Clearly, of the two people involved in this situation, I am not the A/V girl], I ain't gots no DVD for screencaps yet, but I will. They'll re-run it like, 100 times, and I have a DVR or whatevers to record a DVD from somethin'. I need to get in touch with the equivalent of Mica-at-Showtime at "The N."

Also, in case you didn't notice, we totes saw more action on Noggin tonight than in the premiere of you-know-what. ROCK!


  1. Laia said...

    hey, hola!
    nice to see that you are back at recapping. i can't watch SON yet, but soon i will (when i am back to the US). in any case, i am sure it will be fun to read you.
    btw, i love the new image of the page!  

  2. riese said...

    Thanks! I tried to figure out how to learn HTML or something. I mean, I knew a little, but this time I had to try even harder. Now I just need to figure out how to fix my own blog. And erum, write this recap. I forgot how long this takes. Wheeeeee  

  3. ANI said...

    Recap suggestion - not that there is anything wrong with SON, but have you thought about Weeds? What with new season starting two days ago, and all...

    It's just that your auto-recaps are so amusing, Weeds would benefit:)

    I just used a smiley in a comment. Go me!  

  4. Minnie-sota said...

    A friend pointed me here to your SON re-cap. Goodie. Now I don't have to actually watch it because your recaps are much more entertaining. Smile.  

  5. Jeamy said...

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    Thanks for sharing with us.  

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