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we got your recap, children. we got it real good.

Helen Mirren just won "Best Actress" for a movie I obviously didn't see (something about British people in fancy dresses, maybe it was called "The Tudors"? Whatevs) and she said "this is the best and the biggest Gold Star I've ever had in my life." Then she used the word "gold star" like thirty more times. Ellen probably picked up on that, right? I mean, right?

Anyhow, for best performance by a body part in a supporting role, my "Gold Star" goes to Alice's breasts:

Remember how in the start of Season 2, things were pretty hot (and by "things" I mean Sharmen sex scenes, Dana-Alice sexual tension/tension bursting) and then they got totally bad (and by "bad" I mean, Lots of Fun at the Carnival and the Little Lesbian Documentary That Couldn't), and how in the start of Season 3, things were pretty hot (and by "things" I mean Alice being hilarious, Jenny being bearable and the Shane-Cherie sex scene) and then they got totally bad (Dana turned into a Conehead and then died and there was this singing flower toy and then Dana showed up again in the waterfall on the set of the Summer Camp episodes of "Punky Brewester")?

I think that Season 4 is the opposite of that.

push it. yeah, push it good.


  1. Ale said...

    nice dress

  2. nyradical said...

    I think Helen Mirren's hot. I saw The Queen, excellent film ...

    ... and, I don't think I'll ever need to see the L-Word. I'll just read your blog. It's rather amusing. That scene where Shane (I think) and someone else goes to speak at the school--flashback, yo. I spoke at this NYC private girls school--Spence--when I was a senior in high school. About how it's okay to be gay, and you can still be a successful person and normal and stuff. There were like, 2nd grade to high school-aged chicks there. Glad they didn't open up that lecture to questions. Woulda been awkward. Then, years later, I was at Arlene's Grocery for a poetry reading, and this girl comes up to me like, "Weren't you the lesbian who spoke at my school?" I was like, "I have no idea what you're talking about. Can I buy you a drink?"

    Cheers dude.  

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