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This is me and my best friend Haviland. As you can tell by the enthusiastic smiles on our faces, we are so full of joy and happiness that we can hardly contain ourselves:

Why are we so happy? Is it because tomorrow is Haviland's Super Sweet 16?

No. I mean, that's exciting too--that's like, "up there"--but is this:

"The L Word Online"'s New Hot Blogger.

Yes! You can now find all my LOL-worthy (and LMAO worthy, at times ("I'm gonna laugh YOUR ass off?"-Haviland, the last time I told her she was going to LMAO) L Word opinions not only RIGHT HERE but also at The L Word Online! Why? Because--well, baby, we got somethin', we both know it, and I don't have to live like a refugee. (No, baby, I don't have to live like a refugee. I don't!)

Also, this:

Really, Papi? Really?

I'm blushing!


  1. Elka and KC said...

    Hey, you're featured on's blog buzz page! Congratulations!  

  2. marie lyn bernard said...

    Oh Wow! Ha! Thanks! (what does it mean that I grinned so hard my head almost fell off just to see that elka and kc, the best podcasters EVER, posted a comment on my blog, and the actual comment itself was simply a cherry on top of the ice-creamy delight of the fact that kelka commented to begin with?)  

  3. Mica@Showtime said...

    ey there -
    For some reason I only found your site, yesterday?! After checking out your extensive The L Word coverage I felt kinda silly, but as you noticed, I immediately added you to the blog buzz page. Congrats on your new blogging gig and
    don't forget to submit a design to our t-shirt contest!!!

    Let me know if you have any questions.  

  4. team gingerbread said...

    Congratulations on your new hookup. I just read about it on  

  5. marie lyn bernard said...

    thanks TG!

    and mica, if you're reading this: I didn't start re-capping Season 3 until like, November, when I got the DVDs. So don't feel toooooo bad. But thanks so much for the add today, it made me feel really hot.

    I have an idea for a t-shirt that says "Mrs. Riese" (like the "Mrs. Kutcher" shirts?) or "Team Riese" (like "Team Angelina?") or--and TG, with your approval...'Team Gingerbread'?  

  6. green_with_indie said...


    (see? you can tell i'm excited b/c i'm yelling and i used the extra exclamation point. i mean business, like, for real.)  

  7. haviland said...

    Mazeltov, Riese!!!

    All smiles :)

    And I am currently laughing your ass better eat more grilled cheeses today to compensate.  

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