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It's comin'. Yup--there--ok can you--ok. There....ok good...ok no teeth....ok good...OK It's coming...the recap-ish-thing is coming...yeah...yeah---OH JESUS FUCKIN A

For you, SloGreenX:


  1. Ale said...

    Please Riese put it up so I can skip watching the show and getting mad with all this english speaking. I read on S&G's blog that we are still without sex.

    ~horny Italian  

  2. dopedupdawl said...

    hahaha thanks for the prelude :)  

  3. green_with_indie said...

    stop being so damned funny and put up the damned recap!!



  4. riese said...

    seriously...i'm so's so 9pm EST, all your wildest fantasies will be satisfied. I been outta town, y'all....also my computer cord broke. It's okay. I keep on keepin' on. ROCK


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