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Here we are! (L to R) Jessie, Sherri, Lainy, Haviland, MEEEE (marie/riese), Maggie, Natalie
Nabbed this hot pic from GO NYC's flickr photoset.

Below I have enclosed our own photographs from my journey to "The L Word" Season Four Premiere Party at Copacabana in New York City, sponsored by the HRC of which I am a member. The party was gonna be at Crobar but then they had a bust and the coppers found all these drugs n' hookers, so then the Lesbian Party People moved the fiesta to Copacabana which is much bigger which is good because we could all go, even those of us who ignored my repeated reminders to RSVP, which I distributed via e-mail almost an entire month pre-event.

So these are our photographs. You will notice our beaming smiles, youthful energies, and homoeroticism. And our costume of the day. "Bright red." Unfortunately you cannot see my pleated short skirt, tights, combat boots or hot legs. You can't see any of our hot legs. But you can imagine. Also I look bad in all of them. So I'm just going to have to deal with that.

(L to R) Jessie, Natalie, Haviland, Annie, Muppet, Muppet Boob

(L to R) Maggie, Lainy

Maggie, Unidentified Black Skullcap-Wearing Lady

Last night a D.J saved my life

Ilene Chaiken, Jennifer Beals and Marlee Matlin

Jennifer Beals and Marlee Matlin

Ilene Chaiken, Jennifer Beals, The Hand

Haviland, Muppet

Lainy gets down with her bad self, and some random creepy looking dude is all like "Wait, I thought this was the premiere party for 'Monk'?"

Haviland Stillwell, Me/Muppet

Lainy, Sherri

Haviland, Me. We tok this photo at the Mall. JK, but Haviland malled it up with Iphoto. I think it's cute that she can make photos look like they were taken at the mall photo booth on iphoto but hasn't figured out how to do a "batch change," which is really important.

Sherri, Haviland

This is later, at my apartment. By this point I had taken off my skirt.
Haviland and I are giving the code for "inappropriate." That's a good gesture to know if you want to be our friends!

I just wanted you to see Heather's red fishnets.


  1. Rhea said...

    Am I living on the wrong coast? What a party I missed!  

  2. marie lyn bernard said...

    Ain't no party like an East coast party cos an East Coast Party don't STOPPPPP  

  3. haviland said...

    HOT. Beauty AND brains!  

  4. Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

    i say your blog and my blog make sweet love and try to make a baby. what do you think?  

  5. marie lyn bernard said...

    lets do it to it....but lets promise to never have custody squabbles a la bettina, shall we? i would never want to put you or our baby through that. i wonder which blog will be the one to get pregnant? i guess time will tell, cross your fingers!!!  

  6. Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

    im just going to take a stab at this and say its going to be your blog that gets pregnant...since im already humping the screen.  

  7. Anonymous said...

    haviland is smokin hot...  

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