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What is more painful, the following circumstances or Dial-Up?

-Tina telling DaddyOf2 to fuck her hard
-Little Prince transitioning from woman to asshole, rather than from woman to man
-Jenny's waitressing skills
-A lame faux-spiritual meditation-centric plotline fabricated for the sole purpose of hiding Jennifer Beals' pregnancy

Dial-Up. Definately.

I've been passing time in the heartland by catching up on Season 3, Disc 2 and preparing my summations for this blog......unfortunately, these particular textual and visual explosions of brilliance have been created, of course, on my laptop. In a frustrating turn of technological frustration, I cannot move these things from my laptop to my Mother's Commodore Fossil-Computer, so I have to awit until I return to The Great Wired Way to share this loveliness with you.


KC and Elka, the brilliant women behind The Planet Podcast, link to me now. I love them more than I can put into words. I'd link to them, but that's not one of the options given to me by the browser on The Fossil. So just look to the sidebar on your left, and check them out. Funny, funny ladies.


  1. ooijj said...

    a commodore? are you serious?!  

  2. marie lyn bernard said...

    no. it's not really a commodore. but if it was, i'd be playing centipede til my fingers bled.  

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